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UEFA 2022-2023

Whilst working at Creatives I had the opportunity to work on the UEFA season 2022-23 Graphical Maps and Sigange for UNLF23, UCLF23, SCUP22&23, UELF23, UECLF23 & UWCL23.

Client website: Creatives


Vaud Promotion

Whilst working at Creatives I had the opportunity to work on the rebranding for Vaud Promotion. I worked on a variety of assets for the branding, from Business Card, Posters, social media templates and brand guidelines.

Client website: Creatives


Unleashed by Purina

Whilst working at OneRoof Agency I had the opportunity to work on the rebranding for Unleashed by Purina. I worked on a variety of assets for the branding, from website design, logo design, to brand guidelines and social media posts. Whilst working at Creatives SA we continue to work on the brand.

Client website: Unleashed by Purina

Unleashed_2023-RGB_FULL COLOUR.png


VBAT gave me the opportunity to expand my motion graphics knowledge and work on a variety of areas of design for example packaging design; I worked on finalising the packaging for Gamma Paint.


Client: Gamma

Year: 2018

Role: Layout Design & Packaging Design

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 17.24.12.png

Opt In - Leeds City Council

In 2018 Leeds City Council reached out to a group of Graphic Arts and Design students at Leeds Beckett University. They asked us to create a campaign for residents to Opt In to the city’s recycling schemes. We produced a 5 pillar sculpture using recycled rubbish from the local areas of Leeds and a social media campaign to raise awareness. We worked closely with recycling plants, council members and representatives of the local newspapers. 

Client: Leeds City Council 

Year: 2018


Clinique Hygiene Dentaire

I have now had the oportunity to create playful posters and flyers for Clinique Hygiene Dentaire. I worked along side @GenevaDiscovery to create the perfect message for their newly opened 3rd location. 

Client: Clinique Hygiene Dentaire

Year: 2021


The Greenway

Designing the branding logo and website for The Greenway, a lawncare specialist based in Vaud. In developing the branding logo and website for The Greenway demonstrates my ability to bring a client's vision to life through your design skills. By creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity, I have helped The Greenway establish a professional online presence, effectively communicate its services, and potentially attract and retain customers in the lawncare industry.

Client: The Greenway CH
Year: 2021 - Present


Post NL 

VBAT gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of different companies. I helped create the  illustration for Daan the chatbot for Post NL, this taught me how to work with brand guidelines and help create a deeper personality for the company.

Client: Post NL

Year: 2019

Role: Illustrator

Child Helpline International

In 2019 I was approached by an employee at Child Helpline International. They asked me to further develop their illustrations to incorporate visuals of children of all backgrounds, focusing on celebrating the LGBTQ history and awareness month.

Client: The Child Helpline International 


Year: 2019


David Feldman

I created a short video using icons created by Andrea Villa to illustrate the jounrey of consigning your collectables with David Feldman SA. Selling your stamps at auction easier than you think. Discover the consignment process with David Feldman International Auctioneers.

Client: David Feldman SA

Year: 2021


The Tetley

In Summer of 2018 I created the event branding for The Tetley, a contemporary art gallery based in central Leeds. I produced Social Media content, posters and Menus for the event.

Client: The Tetley

Year: 2018

Role: Designer


Albert Heijn

VBAT gave me the opportunity to expand my motion graphic knowledge and work on a variety of design areas I had not yet had the chance to work with. I worked on animations that were published on VBAT social media to celebrate a series of projects coming to an end. 


Client: Albert Heijn 

Year: 2019


Not a f*ckin girlie mag

This project was my final project at Leeds Beckett University inspired by the lack of female coverage within sports & media. I produced a publication that I hope will generate conversations about the subject. I also took part in creating social experiments to understand the gender inequality of sports coverage. 

Year: 2018

Role: Layout Design, Art Direction, Photographer & Editorial design

Not a f_ckin girlie mag

The Blended Capital Group

The Blended Capital Group help fund sustainable businesses and projects focused on the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. I produced infographics, visuals for presentations and editable flyers.

Client: The Blended Capital Group

Year: 2019 + 2020

Role: Infographic Design & Presentation Creation

The Blended Capital Group


#The100dayProject is an online art project that I decided to take part in. I took inspiration from everyday objects and things happening around me to produce something I can be proud of. This daily challenge allowed me to develop new illustration skills and gave me confidence to share more of my work on social media. Projects like these offer me an opportunity to reach a larger audience and find new potential clients as well as giving me inspiration for future projects.

Client: #The100day


Year: 2019

Role: Illustrator 

Untitled-1 copy.jpg


Whilst doing my Creative internship at VBAT (now known as Superunion) I created digital and print assests for the brand Amsteldok. The campus was designed to provide a world-class space that brings together its people and agencies in one location, encouraging greater collaboration and easier access to talent and expertise. Superunion/VBAT was asked to develop a name, brand identity, attitude and tone of voice for the new Amsterdam Campus. Amsteldok is a living entity, breathing creativity and collaboration.

Client: Amsteldok


FourTek Ltd

FourTek Ltd is a startup construction management company. They needed a fresh modern look, I produced a powerful logo and a clear and easy to use website.

Client: #The100dayProject

Year: 2020

Role: Designer & Web Design


The International Luge Federation is the main international federation for all luge sports. I produced a series of social media templates for thier upcoming season.

Client website: FIL Luge & Digotel


The poem my dad likes

Throughout my life my Dad has always read the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling, this poem has given me motivation within sports. Here I celebrate my Dads hobbies  from old-school BMXing to recent cycling adventures.

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 19.27.26.png
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